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Change #3962

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Changed by Birger Koblitz <gitohnoyoudont@birger-koblitz.de>
Changed at Mon 14 Sep 2020 05:54:30
Repository https://git.openwrt.org/openwrt/openwrt.git
Branch master
Revision df8e6be59a1fbce3f8c6878fe7440a129b1245d6


rtl838x: add new architecture
This adds support for the RTL838x Architecture.
SoCs of this type are used in managed and un-managed Switches and Routers
with 8-28 ports. Drivers are provided for SoC initialization, GPIOs, Flash,
Ethernet including a DSA switch driver and internal and external PHYs used
with these switches.

Supported SoCs:


The kernel will also boot on the following RTL839x SoCs, however driver
support apart from spi-nor is missing:


The following PHYs are supported:

	RTL8214FC (Quad QSGMII multiplexing GMAC and SFP port)
	RTL8218B internal: internal PHY of the RTL838x chips
	RTL8318b external (QSGMII 8-port GMAC phy)
	RTL8382M SerDes for 2 SFP ports
	Initialization sequences for the PHYs are provided in the form of
	firmware files.

Flash driver supports 3 / 4 byte access

DSA switch driver supports VLANs, port isolation, STP and port mirroring.

The ALLNET ALL-SG8208M is supported as Proof of Concept:

	RTL8382M SoC
	1 MIPS 4KEc core @ 500MHz
	8 Internal PHYs (RTL8218B)
	128MB DRAM (Nanya NT5TU128MB)
	16MB NOR Flash (MXIC 25L128)
	8 GBEthernet ports with one green status LED each (SoC controlled)
	1 Power LED (not configurable)
	1 SYS LED (configurable)
	1 On-Off switch (not configurable)
	1 Reset button at the right behind right air-vent (not configurable)
	1 Reset button on front panel (configurable)
	12V 1A barrel connector
	1 serial header with populated standard pin connector and with markings
	  GND TX RX Vcc(3.3V), connection properties: 115200 8N1

To install, upload the sysupgrade image to the OEM webpage.

Signed-off-by: Birger Koblitz <git@birger-koblitz.de>

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